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Procurement Archives

11-G-0001 Northstar Jackpot Sign Graphic Header 3/20/11 4/22/11 KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group
11-G-0002RB Northstar Modular Retail Fixtures 4/15/11 5/6/11 DNI Retail Design
11-G-0003 Northstar Stackable Dual Dispensers 5/13/11 5/31/11 Schafer Systems, Inc.
11-G-0004 Northstar EDS-Q Dispensing Unit Decal Labels 6/9/11 6/30/11 Screenprint/Dow
11-G-0005 Northstar Premium Supplies 6/16/11 7/20/11 Bridgeforth Wolf & Associate
Universal MazJac
Creative Promotional Products
Yes Promotions
ECO Promotional Products
Corporate Imaging Concepts
Konik and Company
Excel Screen Printing
Corporate Motivation
11-S-0001 Northstar Field Promotions Planning/Implementation Services 3/21/11 4/25/11 All Terrain Productions, Inc.
11-S-0002 Northstar Travel Management Services CANCELLED   CANCELLED
11-S-0003 Northstar Third Party Testing Services 3/10/11 4/9/11 BMM Compliance
11-S-0004 Northstar Retail Signage Removal Services 4/12/11 4/29/11 IGOR
11-S-0005 Northstar Financial Audit Services 6/15/11 7/12/11 E.C. Ortiz & Co., LLP
11-S-0006 Northstar Multi-Cultural Advertising and Integrated Communication 5/23/11 7/28/11 Commonground Marketing
11-S-0007 Northstar Sales Route Mapping Solutions 7/6/11 8/23/11 Roadnet Technologies
11-S-0008 Northstar Lottery Merchandising/Signage 7/13/11 8/3/11 DNI Retail Design
11-S-0010 Northstar Website Development Services 9/19/11 1/1/12 American
11-S-0011 Northstar Public Relations 9/16/11 2/2/12 Daniel J. Edelman and Serafin Associates
11-S-0012 Northstar Website Hosting Services 11/8/11 1/1/13 American
11-S-0013 Northstar Retail Merchandising Services 11/22/11 2/28/12 Driveline Retail Merchandising, Inc.
11-S-0014 Northstar Creative Advertising Services 11/16/11 1/19/12 Critical Mass/Downtown Partners, Inc.
ITB#11-S-0001 Northstar Printing Services 3/30/11 4/22/11 Creative Printing Services, Inc.
Media on the Run
12-G-0002 Northstar Retail Display Units 12/6/12 2/20/13 Schafer Systems, Inc, Take-A-Ticket and William Industries
12-GS-0001 Northstar Printing Solutions 10/29/12 3/13/13 Creative Resources Unlimited, LabelQuest, MOTR GRAFX
A01 GTECH Juniper M71 Hub Routers 12/2/10 12/10/11 Torrey Point
A02 GTECH Carmanah Signs 12/6/10 12/15/10 Carmanah
A03 GTECH Dell Flat Panel Monitors 12/6/10 12/16/10 Professional Systems
A04 GTECH Baird Ridge Mounts 12/6/10 12/17/10 Baird
A05 GTECH Juniper Communications Equipment 12/8/10 12/20/10 Torrey Point
A06 GTECH Cisco Network Equipment 12/8/10 12/21/10 Presidio
A07 GTECH Motorola Handheld Devices 12/14/10 12/23/10 Barcoding Sprint
A08 GTECH Dell Laptops 12/13/10 12/21/10 Dell
A09 GTECH Dell E5510 Laptops 1/14/11 1/25/11 Dell
A10 GTECH Tool Kits 1/18/11 1/25/11 Kaufman
A11 GTECH Facilities - Office Furniture 1/18/11 3/7/11 Systems Unlimited
A12 GTECH Dell Optiplex Desktops 1/24/11 2/3/11 Professional Systems
A13 GTECH Avaya BCM Telephone System 2/4/11 2/15/11 PB Exchange
A14 GTECH Facility Generators 2/2/11 3/21/11 Southworth-Milton, Inc.
A15 GTECH Paper for Roll Ticket Stock and Playslips 3/28/11 6/1/11 Montenegro Paper LTD
A16 GTECH Real-time Geo Filtering Service 5/24/11 7/20/11 WisdomTech Consulting, Inc.
A17 GTECH Cisco SMARTnet Multiyear Maintenance 6/27/11 8/3/11 Presidio Networked Solutions, Inc
S02 GTECH Consulting Software Engineer - Lottery Accounting System 12/3/10 12/20/10 William Rothman
S03 GTECH Facilities - General Contractor 12/6/10 3/15/11 Harold O'Shea Builders, Inc.
S04 GTECH Consulting Software Engineer - ES OLPM CANCELLED   CANCELLED
S05 GTECH Consulting Quality Engineer 12/27/10 1/21/11 Diversified Systems, Inc.
Millennium Consulting, Inc.
Software Quality Associates, LLC
Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc
S06 GTECH Consulting Software Engineer Services CANCELLED   CANCELLED
S07 GTECH Cellular Service 12/20/10 1/6/11 AT&T
S08 GTECH Data Transport Services 12/20/10 1/6/11 AT&T
S09 GTECH Fleet Lease Services 1/10/11 1/26/11 Wheels, Inc.
S10 GTECH Field Service Maintenance and Installation Services in the State of Illinois 1/24/11 10/1/11 Thomas Services, Inc.
S11 GTECH Installation Services 11/5/10 12/23/10 Mill-tel
101 Technologies
S11 GTECH 1099 Processing System 1/28/11 3/2/11 Elsym Consulting, Inc.
S12 GTECH Fleet Rental Services 1/5/11 1/21/11 Wheels, Inc.
S13 GTECH Sercurity for Springfield & Bolingbrook 2/25/11 3/7/11 ADT Security,
North America Video
S14 GTECH NRC Email Solution 3/29/11 4/29/11 eLoyalty Corporation
NO # Scientific Games Staffing Services 5/20/11 TBD TBD
RFP#1 Scientific Games Datacenter Equipment and Maintenance 3/21/11 9/1/11 Rubicon Professional Services
RFP#2 Scientific Games LAN Wiring and Installation 3/25/11 5/15/11 Professional Systems, Inc.
RFP#3 Scientific Games Material Handling Equipment 3/22/11 5/14/11 Crown Atlanta
RFP#4 Scientific Games Instant Ticket and Comsumable Stock Distribution Services 3/21/11 5/15/11 UPS
Delivery & Distribution Solutions
IGOR the Watchdog
RFP#5 Scientific Games Warehouse Racking 3/24/11 9/1/11 Professional Systems, Inc.
RFP#6 Scientific Games Shipping Supplies 4/6/11 9/1/11 Professional Systems, Inc.
RFP#7 Scientific Games Furniture & Installation Services 4/6/11 5/15/11 Kayhan International
RFP#8 Scientific Games Janitorial Supplies 4/6/11 9/1/11 Cambridge Cleaning
11-P0001 Energy BBDO Printing Services 7/14/11 8/4/11 Media on the Run
Crosstech Communications
M&G Graphics
Richard Communications
RFP#13-G-0001 NORTHSTAR RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR SYSTEM 1/16/13 8/13/13 Smartplay International, INC.
RFP#13-S-0002 NORTHSTAR MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES 5/3/13 11/1/13 Crestwood Associates, Erickson Research, Gamer Insights Group, Inc., Pacific Market Research, Socratic Technologies, Inc.,  Strategic Research Partners and Vision Critical  
RFP#13-S-0003 NORTHSTAR E-MAIL MARKETING SERVICES 7/9/13 12/12/13 ExactTarget,  Inc.
RFB#14-G-0001 NORTHSTAR RETAIL FIXTURES 3/26/14 5/29/14 DNI Retail Design, Marketing Marketing Displays, Inc. d/b/a MDI Worldwide Displays and R.D. Niven & Associates d/b/a The Niven Marketing Group, Ltd.
RFP#14-GS-0001 NORTHSTAR PRINTING SOLUTIONS 8/12/14 10/1/14 Creative Resources Unlimited Inc., LabelQuest Incorporated, Liberty Creative Solutions, Montenegro, Inc, MOTR GRAFX, Printing Master Inc and Veterans Print Management