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Career Training and Company Welfare

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Our Company considers its staff and associates to be an important stakeholder. The quality of services offered is largely dependent on employees. Success also depends on staff training and experience, and our employees' motivation and commitment to the company’s objectives. Learn more about our careers, training activities and company welfare. 

Training Activities

We believe that training is important for the development of human capital, which is an essential component of production and innovation. Each year the Company invests in basic training programs for newly-hired employees, specific professional skills programs, and courses that teach organizational, language and managerial skills. A critical part of basic training aimed to new hires is dedicated to the policies and procedures concerning the respect for human rights in the workplace. Part of the training also covers the basic outline of the contents of the Code of Conduct. The whole staff of the Company is required to formally join by signing a declaration of acceptance of the Code of Conduct, the obligations that the Company has established itself in the field of compliance with laws, prohibition of insider trading, market manipulation, corruption and money laundering. The Company supports employee education and has a program to reimburse educational expenses for staff. This program reimburses staff for expenses incurred for courses completed at accredited higher educational institutes. On an annual basis, employees assist in defining and achieving professional development goals, which are evaluated together with their respective managers. The Company has adopted a Learning Management System (LMS), which makes it possible to track the development of each employee. The Company makes a direct investment of 2% of base salary in staff training, which consists of both classroom learning and E-learning) covering a range of programs that are managed by internal departments and external experts. The topics covered by the training programs are corporate systems and processes, human resources, leadership, management, security and technology. The training is coordinated centrally through the Learning Services Department, and at IGT Solutions Corporation headquarters, as well as at individual offices, depending on requirements.
Company Welfare

The Company complies with applicable regulations and provides a number of benefits in addition to compensation, to cover employees' pension, health and insurance requirements. This includes a wide range of protection, the cost of which is borne fully or partially by the Company, to different extents depending on whether the employee works full or part-time. Staff members have access to a series of additional benefits that may be obtained at particularly competitive prices. Employees may choose a combination of welfare and insurance components best suited to their family situation. The Company offers the following benefits for full-time staff: coverage for most of the cost of health and dental insurance policies, a life and accident insurance policy worth 2-times the employee’s base salary, business travel accident insurance to family members in the event of the employee's death, insurance cover for short-term disability leave that is not job-related, providing 80% of salary up to a maximum of 180 days, 401(k) retirement savings plan, paid in part by the employee into a leading fund administered by Fidelity Investments, insurance against identity theft and the consequences of such an eventuality, and assistance plans covered by the Company for education or secondary education and adoption expenses.