Northstar Lottery Group

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Northstar Lottery Group has demonstrated strong performance as the private manager of the Illinois Lottery. Northstar’s performance reflects the strong partnerships developed with retailers, businesses and community organizations throughout the state. Northstar strives to enrich the communities it serves and to improve the lives of the people who reside and work in them. Thus, Northstar is committed to leaving a positive footprint by acting responsibly and contributing resources, time and talents to good causes in communities throughout Illinois.

Giving Back to Illinois through Education & Technology

Building on its focus on education and technology, Northstar launched the After School Advantage Program to provide nonprofit community organizations with state-of-the-art computer labs for after-school programs. Northstar employees design and install the labs and many continue to volunteer at the labs throughout the year.

To date, Northstar has set-up eight After School Advantage computer labs in Chicago, Beardstown, East St. Louis, Lockport, Paris and Chicago Heights in Illinois.

To apply for an After-School advantage computer lab for your organization, please review the guidelines here.

“Children are sometimes two years behind in their schooling when they come to live at S.O.S., so access to technology is essential. We are grateful to Northstar Lottery Group for providing resources for the children and families at S.O.S.”

-Michelle Conradt, SOS Children’s Villages, Lockport

Responsible Gaming: Addressing the State’s Concern with Social Effects of Gambling

Northstar worked with the Illinois Lottery to develop and implement several responsible gaming and consumer protection programs to reflect its commitment to responsible gaming. As a result of the shared commitment to responsible gaming, The Illinois Lottery achieved Level Three Certification from the World Lottery Association (WLA). This accreditation is an internationally accepted framework for responsible gaming that strives to grow Illinois Lottery revenues while ensuring safe and responsible play.

NS_RG_03Office of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What it does: Establishes procedural safeguards to monitor everything from underage play prevention to respecting players’ privacy and adopting ethical and responsible marketing standards. The Office of CSR is guided by Northstar’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Play. An internal Committee on CSR also meets monthly to coordinate CSR initiatives.

Retailer Training: Northstar has trained more than 8,100 retailers on responsible gaming and consumer protection. A special column in every issue of its monthly retailer newsletter assists retailers in safeguarding players and preventing underage play. Northstar also works with local and national organizations to promote Responsible Gaming and Consumer Protection.

Stakeholder Engagement

Northstar Lottery Group strives to enrich the communities it serves and improve the lives of those who live and work in them.  Northstar has identified four key focus areas most relevant to its corporate values. If you believe your organization fits the criteria below, and would like support for an upcoming event, please submit an application.

Education and Technology

When children thrive, communities thrive as well. Supporting education is core to the mission of Northstar, particularly programs like the After School Advantage Program which serve schools and non-profit agencies that assist underserved populations and at-risk youth. 

Community Engagement

Building strong communities and improving the economic vitality of the State of Illinois are also cornerstones of Northstar. Protecting the environment and preserving natural resources will also help ensure a more sustainable future for those who live in the communities we serve.  


Corporate social responsibility is not just about donating money to good causes.  It is also about hands-on opportunities, employees taking action to donate their time and talents.

NS_RG_02Supplier Diversity – Job creation, Diversity and Inclusion

The greater the opportunities we provide, the better we are as a company. Our workforce and business partners reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a result of our aggressive Supplier Diversity Program, in FY12, Northstar nearly tripled its Minority, Female and Disabled Person Businesses (MFDBE) contract participation goal of $7.7million. Northstar dramatically increased the number of MFDBE firms that assist in managing the Illinois Lottery and awarded $21.2 million in business to MFDBEs.

“I have been most impressed with Northstar Lottery Group and the state’s selection of Northstar Lottery Group as private manager of the Illinois Lottery. The steps Northstar has taken so far point to a successful future and we are eager to continue to work with Northstar in the months and years ahead.”

- Hedy Ratner, Co-Founder and Co-President, Women’s Business Development Council